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Maine DJ Patrick Daniels
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want to increase your bookings... read on.. and Thank You

Ahh, the temptation to post something frivolous on April 1st is great, but we will leave that reckless abandon for others to indulge in .. As we get closer and closer to Wedding season, it is interesting to note the bookings for 2010 continue in an interesting comparisom to 2009.
Several dates are emerging as prime wedding dates and we continue to network with our friendly competitors out there when we are full on a particular date.

As always, we pride ourselves in customer service and finding the best qualified DJ ( in house or otherwise ) for a particular client. We pride ourselves in our relationships we have fostered with our clients, local venues , fellow vendors and friendly competitors out there.

Today, I was told by a bride who just booked me that I was the only vendor she had met with that actually listened to hear about her day and vision , versus going into a well rehearsed sales pitch about how awesome I was and what wonderful toys and gadgets I could brag about to go along with my well- to do associations with various industry related vendors.
Now, keep in mind this client had just retained me and our initial contact was a week prior.
She thanked me for not rushing her and allowing her to compile all the information to make an informed decision.
She told me the associations, gadgets, experience and testimonials were all important to her, but they were all addressed AFTER I LISTENED to her first.

There you have it. Your free booking advice of the day, listen first and sell after.
I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel or re-define entertainment practices.

And now the THANK YOU section...

For all of you that continue to put your trust in quality services for your special day, we thank you for considering and most often cases selecting us as your entertainment choice.
To those vendors out there who recommend our services after working with us , we thank you .
You can expect the same from us , as we always notice a vendor who has a passion for their field of expertise.
To the clients out there who have moved their date to specifically guarantee our availability, we are humbled and honored.
And last , but certainly not least, we want to recognize our friendly competitors who engage in building prosperous working relationships with us and care enough to make a difference.

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