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Monday, April 16, 2018

Military Weddings

3 Questions To Ask When Planning A Military Wedding
Preparing and organizing everything for your special day can prove to be quite a big deal. Things can get even more challenging if you’re planning a military wedding instead of a traditional civil one.
What makes military weddings differ from the others?
A mere fact that it’s expected from lots of people serving in the Army to be present at the ceremony provides a challenge since it’s most likely for many of them to be deployed. Other than that, there are many traditions associated with these weddings that you’ll need to take care of.
You will be faced with lots of questions. In this article, we’ll give you 3 of the most common questions everybody planning for a military wedding ask themselves. Also, we will try to provide a solution for them as well.
Do I Have to Hire a Wedding Planner?
Setting everything up right for the special day is hard. Imagine that your significant one who’s actually serving the Army is deployed. Planning of entire wedding will fall on solely your back.
With all those little things that need to be taken care of, you might lose focus and energy which can ultimately mess up your big day for you. You need to be rested, focused and you shouldn’t worry much about whether the ceremony and a reception afterward will go well.
One thing that you really have to take into consideration is hiring a wedding planner. Money that his/her services might cost you couldn’t compare to the benefit of having someone take care of all those usual things instead of you.
Like this, you can focus on giving your best when your day comes.
Am I Taking Advantage of Potential Perks That Military Wedding Couples Enjoy?
Did you know that lots of services will be willing to offer a discount for people serving the Army? If not, then you should search for discount music deals, wedding cake discounts, or even a discount on your wedding rings.
You will be surprised at how much money you can save just by utilizing all the perks getting married to a military person can give you.
And if you’d want to even go an extra mile and make a true military-themed wedding by presenting customized challenge coins to everyone invited to the wedding, you can reach out to companies like Embleholics to get that done.

What Military Traditions to Include on the Wedding?
This one is perhaps the most common one. There are like dozens of traditions that are making military wedding different than the others.
Walking down the aisle and walking beneath the arch of drawn swords, not wearing a formal attire but a military suit (if you’re serving the Army), wearing military boots beneath the dress, cutting a wedding cake with a saber instead of a knife are just some of them.
This is the part where you should sit with your wife or husband-to-be and shortlist the things you deem appropriate doing on your wedding.