Maine DJ Patrick Daniels

Maine DJ Patrick Daniels
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year from Double Platinum!

 From all of us at Double Platinum Celebrations, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Happy New Year! Our resolution for 2015: to keep filling the dance floors from Bangor to Boston! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No I - in Team

When deciding to hire a vendor for their services, there are many factors you probably take into consideration: cost, professionalism, customer reviews, etc. But of all these aspects, how important is a back-up plan in your selection of a vendor?

In an earlier blog entry, backup equipment was highlighted as being an essential component of any well-prepared DJ. But what should happen if the DJ themselves becomes suddenly unavailable? It's not pleasant to think about, but when paying out hard-earned dollars, don't you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're going to be in good hands no matter what happens?

Double Platinum Celebrations has a leg up on the competition, mainly because when a customer hires us for their function, they are truly hiring us. On your Special Day, we leave nothing to chance, which is why we have backup Djs ready to go should the unforeseeable happen. A company with one or two Djs can advertise cheap costs, but they don't have a backup plan. Why take the chance? Choose peace of mind: choose Double Platinum Celebrations !

Peace of Mind

When you're purchasing a product or service, as the customer you should feel content and secure knowing that your money has been well-spent on a quality purchase.

What separates Double Platinum Celebrations from the competition is not only our state-of-the-art sound systems, but what you don't see after we're all set up: backup equipment. Any good DJ – and for that matter, any service-providing vendor – will always be prepared for the unlikely scenario where something does go wrong. Double Platinum Djs always take the extra time to pack extra equipment for every part of your function, whether it be an extra speaker, a second mixing board, or an extra laptop. At Double Platinum Celebrations, we're honored to be a part of your day, and why we don't leave anything to chance.

Monday, December 1, 2014

We Love Taking Song Requests !

As professional Djs, all of us at Double Platinum Celebrations pride ourselves in providing exceptional service at every single function where we're hired to perform. When it comes to weddings, we pride ourselves in making sure your first dance, dinner music, bouquet and garter toss, etc. go off without a (musical) hitch! And of course, what wedding would be complete without dancing? This is where the bridal party and the guests get to show each other (and sometimes themselves) what they're made of!

But let's say a guest really wants to hear That Song – the one they know will get everybody even more pumped than they already are. Should they approach the DJ?

The answer: absolutely! The professional and caring Djs of Double Platinum Celebrations not only look forward to requests from the crowd, but we anticipate them as well. That's why every DJ brings a huge digital music library to every event, and that's why we encourage guests to approach us at any time with requests. We've all been to a function where the (non-DPC!) DJ may have seemed a little less-than-receptive to any guest requests. It can be a little jarring to approach a stranger and ask them a question, regardless of the setting. That's why the courteous staff of Double Platinum Celebrations will ensure that no matter the request, your experience will be nothing less than spectacular!

DJs vs. Ipod Weddings

It's your wedding day – the event you've been planning for the last year (and most likely, your whole life). The flowers are arranged exactly as you specified, the photographer is snapping away, the guests are starting to arrive for your reception – so far, so good. And here's the big moment – your first dance! You and your spouse take the floor as that special song starts to play. The moment is perfect – everything you've dreamed of. You're midway through this most special of moments. And then....

The music stops. You immediately whip around to look at the DJ, only there is no DJ: just a table with an iPod on it. Your groomsman that was supposed to be manning the controls simply pushed play and walked away. Now there's a painfully awkward lull while 2-3 people hover over the iPod, trying to figure out exactly what happened. Not that the crowd is paying attention – they didn't know it was your first dance because nobody made the announcement. And while every third person in attendance might have their own iPod, none of them have your special playlist that you worked on for weeks in anticipation of today.


If you spend 10 seconds scouring the Internet, you can find a million arguments for and against using an iPod for your wedding. The only consistent “benefit” seems to be the cost, and yes, an iPod wedding can be done. But why take the chance? There are no redos on your wedding day: you only get one ceremony, one introduction, one first dance, one dance with your father/mother, etc. A Double Platinum DJ can make sure those moments are perfect, and will eventually become the memories that last long after the last slice of cake has been dished out. A Double Platinum DJ is your official master of ceremonies – he/she makes sure every event happens exactly as you envisioned it, and that you and your guests are always aware of what's going on thanks to our state-of-the-art sound systems. A Double Platinum DJ always brings back-up equipment in the unlikely event that it is needed. A Double Platinum DJ can reach into their huge digital libraries and pull out the song that you forgot about until you were on the floor dancing with your grandmother! An iPod can do none of these things, and in fact can severely take away many of those perfect moments you were hoping for.

It's a simple but true formula: iPods subtract, Double Platinum Djs add.