Maine DJ Patrick Daniels

Maine DJ Patrick Daniels
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Make your next celebration, A Double Platinum Celebration !

Double Platinum Celebrations DJ Service is ready to make your wedding day all you had hoped it would be, AND MORE!

With a large experienced  team of DJs, you are sure to find the perfect DJ for your special day.

We don't just book events. We allow you to speak, or meet, with your potential DJ to make sure that you are a good fit.
Double Platinum Celebrations, is a tried and true company with hundreds of testimonials and reviews that can be found on our website. (  



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is your DJ listening to you?

In the wedding industry, whether a vendor is providing music, flowers, photographs or the venue, communication is first and foremost the key to any successful working relationship. It goes without saying that the needs and wants of one customer can (and usually are) completely different from those of the next. Any good vendor will know this going into a conversation with a prospective client, and will work as hard as they can to provide the product and/or experience that the clients are looking for. This is especially true of Djs.

By this point in your DJ search, you may have already spoken to multiple companies. In some cases, if you decided not to hire a professional DJ, price may have been the determining factor. But many companies – DJ or otherwise – occasionally forget that good communication is really the key component to building these successful relationships. A poor first contact with a vendor generally tells you everything you need to know about them. And when it comes to something as important as your wedding day, a bad first impression could be leading to a much bigger problem before you've even walked down the aisle!

At Double Platinum Celebrations, we take great pride not only in providing exemplary service on your special day, but in customizing your details based upon your specifications! Read a sampling of our online reviews
and one thing becomes clear: customers rave about our attention to detail and our willingness to go the extra mile to make your reception sparkle. From the first meeting to the last dance, the professional and courteous staff at Double Platinum Celebrations  is ready to make your day, your way!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Your Wedding DJ: A big bang for your buck

If somebody were to ask you what you thought you would spend out of your total wedding budget on a DJ, what would you guess? 10%? 15%? Even more?

A recent study released by surveyed around 13,000 brides to track wedding trends for the year ending 2013. And what did the study find? Nothing new here: weddings are expensive and getting more so every year! Last year, an average wedding ran a price tag of nearly $30,000.

But an even more interesting number emerged: 3.5. That's the amount of the average budgeted wedding that is allocated for DJ services. 3.5%!

Of course, every wedding is different, and the percentage of your wedding budget spent on a DJ may be higher or lower.. But that low number does raise two good points:

  1. 3.5% is considerably lower than one might think when looking at the price tag of any vendor. After all, the study also found that videographers, wedding planners, florists, photographers, and wedding bands all had significantly heftier price tags than wedding Djs. And...
  2. For such a low price, a wedding DJ can have a huge impact on your special day, so while you may be getting a lot for a noticeably smaller cost, are you getting what you paid for?

While we can't speak for others, the professional and courteous staff at Double Platinum Celebrations guarantees you will receive top value for your dollar! From our flexible payment schedules to our Customized Wedding Packages, our stress-free wedding consultations to our online event planners, our state-of-the-art sound systems to our huge digital music libraries and so much more, Double Platinum Celebrations is ready to make your day 100% your way!

The (booking) season is upon us!

As you can probably guess, spring and summer are extremely busy for all of us here at Double Platinum Celebrations. By the time we reach October, we've been packing dance floors across the state every single weekend for nearly half the year!

But when the temperature drops and the weekend events slow down, we enter a new (and equally important) season: booking season!

During the winter months, Double Platinum Celebrations is hard at work meeting couples, matching those couples with the perfect DJ, and guiding them through our simple and convenient planning process custom-fitted for each wedding. It's during these crucial months that Double Platinum begins the process of making sure your day happens exactly the way you've always envisioned it!

How and why is this important to you, the customer? Our dates fill up very fast, and a date that is available one day could very well be booked the next. When securing any vendor, but especially a DJ, who can only perform at one function per date, it is crucial to book early. The Best Maine Djs of Double Platinum Celebrations are highly in-demand across New England, and our 2015 calendar is already starting to fill up! Don't wait any longer: click here ( for a customized quote!